The Official Website of Shane Pittman from the hit Netflix Series 28 Days Haunted and Discovery Channel's The Holzer Files

About Shane Pittman

As seen on Netflix’s hit series 28 Days Haunted and Discovery Channel's The Holzer Files, Shane Pittman is a paranormal investigator and international speaker who has had profound unexplained paranormal experiences since childhood. Pittman became determined to learn as much as he could by researching every possible paranormal method in the hopes of finding the truth about his otherworldly encounters. Pittman strives to use his passion for all things strange and unusual to advance the field of paranormal study, attempting to validate paranormal experiences using the latest experimental investigative techniques available. Shane has a passion project, The Searchers, which he started with Josh Purvis, where he and Josh travel the Country investigating reportedly haunted locations and conducting unique experiments to test the validity of the hauntings itself. You can follow Shane on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.