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The Holzer Files Season 2 Confirmed

The Holzer Files will remain open. Travel Channel announced that its ghosthunting show has been renewed for a second season. The Holzer Files season 2 will premiere in late 2020.

The unscripted paranormal series re-examines the investigations of famed ghost hunter Hans Holzer through the lens of popular radio show host and investigator Dave Schrader, psychic medium Cindy Kaza, equipment expert Shane Pittman, and researcher Gabe Roth – with guidance by Holzer’s own daughter, Alexandra Holzer.

The announcement came days ahead of Holzer’s 100th birthday. Before his death in 2009 at age 89, Holzer had authored more than 120 books on the paranormal, extraterrestrial life, witchcraft, and more. During a four-decade-long career, which famously included his involvment in the “Amityville Horror” house case in 1977, Holzer also taught parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology, and worked as a consultant on Leonard Nimoy’s late 1970s paranormal TV series In Search Of...

Within the course of the show, Alexandra reopens her father’s case files, along with thousands of his documents, letters, photographs, and audio-visual recordings. According to the network, “the team compares their findings with Holzer’s to see if their modern research sheds new light on these half-century-old investigations.”


  • Cheryl Meyer

    I love the history. It gives it life again. The show is gripping and I love it.

  • Amy Henshaw

    So happy we are getting a second season you all do a fabulous job and very professional and respectful of Holzer’s studies and test building on his work great job

  • Patti Labellarte

    I am thrilled that a second season has been announced. I have been a faithful paranormal/travel channel viewer from early on. The Holzer Files is by far the best new show on travel channel…and for that matter, on TV period! I absolutely love Dave, Cindy and Shane. I enjoy their calm investigative style. Digging into Hans’ files is a history buffs’ dream! Keep up the great work. I won’t miss an episode and I refuse to erase my series recordings!

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